How Dead Sea Salt Helped Me With Pain Relief

Update: I have received emails asking where I got my Dead Sea Salt from, I get mine from Salts Worldwide. Choose whichever vendor you like, just be sure the Dead Sea Salt is authentic.  You have to be careful of purchasing washed out dead sea salt that is void of any minerals.

Looking to know more about the Dead-Sea salts used for pain relief? This is all that you need to know about it!

Since the moment humankind found out that salt can do incredible things to your health rather than just flavor your food, our kitchens, and spa rooms have royally collided!

Sea-salts are known as one of the miraculous remedies for aches and pain that mainly include those caused by rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, osteoarthritis, and muscle cramps.

How Dead Sea Salt Helped Me With Pain Relief 1

And the greatest natural reserve of salts on this very Earth is none other than the Dead Sea. The salt content is so high in its water that nobody ever really sinks but floats on the water’s surface!

It is a rich conserve of valuable and utterly beneficial minerals that help your body in so many ways.

Being someone who has been living with the utterly painful condition caused by fibromyalgia since as long as I can remember, my acquaintance with the sublime properties of the Dead Sea salt had been a defining moment for me.

Hi, I’m Tami, and I’m a stay-at-home, yet, a proud mom of 2 and an adorable Labrador pooch. I have been home-bound for long due to my condition. However, thanks to the surprising benefits of the Dead Sea salt, I can now look forward to actively joining the workforce again!

So, how has this been the solution to all the pain-related problems that had kept me in agony for such a long time? Here’s everything that it has done for me and all that you need to know about the Dead-Sea bath salt!

What had made me choose Dead-Sea salt?

As fate would have it, I was born with an insufficient amount of calcium in my bones. And it was not long until that point of time in life when I started experiencing extreme pain throughout my body. It came in huge waves, leaving me worn out, exhausted, weak and very depressed.

The musculoskeletal condition of fibromyalgia or fibrositis is a degenerative disease that causes immense and widespread, shooting pain that’s accompanied by fatigue, and complications associated with sleep, memory, and mood.

By the time I was in my late 30’s, I had undergone a couple of major surgeries that only helped me to a certain extent and with the frequency of the occurrence.

Even holistic treatments seemed to have little to no effect on my condition.

…And then something good happened

One day, my chiropractor suggested bath salts to help ease the pain. Not that I wasn’t aware of their use, but I was only acquainted with the “luxurious” and “sensual” aspect of these salts. When I gave the salts a go, I found that they worked exceptionally well as a relaxant.

How Dead Sea Salt Helped Me With Pain Relief 2

As I got used to the soothing effect of salt baths, I tried more and more variants and fragrances of these salts to know exactly how they worked.

It was during one of these days that I came across an online review of Dead-Sea salt that explained the user’s surprisingly pleasant experience. It explained how this salt helped with quick pain relief and skin conditions owing to the immensely high quantity of minerals contained in it.

If this wasn’t already enough, I came across several positive comments by a wide spectrum of users that included medical interns, practitioners, dentists, and physiotherapists all across the States.

As I dug deeper, I found out a bit more about this particular salt which was being raved about fairly, by a section of the online community who had been in similar situations as of mine.

After that, it was only a matter of time before my pot of Dead-Sea salt arrived in the mail as I had been so impatient in ordering it right-away!

My Experience with the Dead-Sea bath salts

As I began using Dead-Sea bath salts, I realized what exactly I had been missing out on for so long. The broad-spectrum benefits of this salt are really hard to overlook, and I noticed this right after the first use itself.

The salt has a tremendous healing effect that penetrates into your muscles, calming them down and releasing pressure from blocked up joints and muscle groups. This reduces stiffness and instantly helps ease muscle cramps and spasms.

The osmosis of the salt helps improve blood circulation that oxygenates the tense areas in the body. This relaxes agitation and inflammation in the tissues.

I have been using the Dead-Sea salts for a few months now, and I am positive that it’s contributing to the circulation of the blood and lymphatic drainage, healing the inflammation within the tissues and muscle-groups.

This has immensely helped with my mood swings and depressive bouts as well as the irregular sleeping pattern caused due to the pain.

How does it work?

The minerals-saturated salts from the Dead-Sea quickly absorb into tissues of the muscle, providing quick relief from inflammation and stiffness. One of the major things that it does is remove the toxins trapped in the muscles.

That, in turn, makes way for the oxygenation of tissues by facilitating the flow of more and more oxygen-rich blood in the musculoskeletal system.

So, with the toxins flushed right out of the muscles, the healing process begins, repairing the damaged tissues. This decreases the feelings of pain in the body and calms down mental and nervous anxiety.

The Potassium and Bromide in the Dead Sea salts are what reduces chronic aches and pains in the body. And compared to Epsom Salts that have no bromides and less than 0.04% potassium, Dead-Sea salts contain the highest amounts of bromides than any water on this planet.

Bromide aids in the natural repair of the muscle and tissue damage, relaxing the nerves. Potassium, on the other hand, improves oxidation, managing and regulating the synaptic processes in the nervous and muscular systems.

It also assists the cells in absorbing nutrients and in eliminating residual toxins. An imbalance in the potassium levels in the body may lead to water retention, which in turn might aggravate muscle-cramping.

How Dead Sea Salt Helped Me With Pain Relief 3

Dead-Sea bath salts also bring effective relief in the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Dry Skin
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular aches and pains caused due to the intense workouts
  • Skin allergies
  • Psoriasis

How to use Dead-Sea salts?

How Dead Sea Salt Helped Me With Pain Relief 4

Make sure that the temperature of the healing bath containing the Dead Sea salts is only about 2 degrees warmer than your body temperature. Very hot baths can cause your skin to eliminate the minerals rather than absorbing it. This will cause more damage than doing nothing.

I use about two handfuls or ¼ a cup of Dead Sea salts. This provides me with the required amount of minerals needed to achieve the therapeutic effect.


So, this was my experience with the Dead Sea bath salts. This is a wonderful solution for pain and certain other severe forms of health issues.

I hope this has been a useful read for all, and especially those who have to experience debilitating pain caused by similar conditions.

Take care. Till next time!